On the wards

Staff on the wards at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI) and Furness General Hospital (FGH) can now order inpatient meals using tablet computers on the same day rather than having to fill in a paper form and taking it to catering staff a day in advance.

More than 250,000 meals have been ordered on the wards at RLI and FGH. The old process could take ward staff up to one hour 30 minutes to complete. The new process ensures patient satisfaction as they are getting the meals they have ordered that morning. So if a patient is transferred to a new ward they will still receive the meal they ordered. If they are discharged, the system will know this and the meal will be cancelled.

Not only do the staff on the wards have more time to spend on patient care, the tablet computers have significantly reduced food wastage by 45%, which is a reflection of the Trust’s commitment to become more eco-friendly and efficient.