The Trust’s contract with Microsoft Office 2010 is due for renewal by January 2020, so we have decided to opt for a better software package which will improve the security of our systems and boasts more up-to-date features and tools – which will benefit our War on Waste.

We are working hard to ensure all computers and laptops across the Trust are upgraded to Office 365 software and that staff are trained on the new system by 18 November 2019.

As part of the roll-out, we are looking for 613 members of staff to sign up as 365 Champions by Sunday 25 August 2019. That means for every team of 10 people, one person would nominate themselves as a Champion to raise awareness of the benefits of 365 and help and advise their colleagues on the system.

Training will commence for Champions on 30 September 2019 and will run over four weeks. Each session will take approximately two hours and each Champion will be required to attend one session.

We would encourage every care group to come on board with the roll-out and identify Champions in their teams and departments.

Staff can sign up to be a 365 Champion by creating a Microsoft account using your Trust email account. To access the signup form please see the article on the staff intranet Trust news pages.

Features of the new system:

Even though we are switching over to an online system legacy features which you may work closely with such as Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint systems will still be available.

Office 365 boasts exciting programmes such as Microsoft Teams (an online chat forum) which can help to reduce emails, improve communication, team planning, team meetings and much more.

As part of the roll-out, we will have an exciting new intranet through SharePoint and our current g-drive system will also move across.

What staff need to do over the next few months:

As part of the move we would encourage all staff to clean up their email boxes by reducing any unnecessary emails and spam, deleted items and clear deleted folders.

OneDrive is going to replace all users My Documents so it is important users take some time to reduce the size of their OneDrives (My Documents as OneDrive will be completely online).

In the meantime, if you have any concerns or queries please email

Tony Stewart
Health Informatics Team