The changes are a significant departure from the current way of working but they deliver real benefits for the service and for women and their families across Morecambe Bay.

Chris Moore


I’m really excited to be able to come to the frontline to see how technology is being used to take better care of patients and here I’ve been able to see clinicians and staff using the product and the system. It’s always exciting to see what people are thinking about, how they are being very innovative about using technology information to give better care to patients and improve clinical care.

Dr Robert Wah

Global Chief Medical Officer, Computer Sciences Corporation

Staff love the new system and find it is much safer for patients. Our team has fed back that it is much easier than anticipated to use especially when administering drugs. The team have got on board with the change and are all really positive.

Sue Howard

Matron for Surgery at WGH, UHMBT

The work that has been ongoing across the Bay to use technology differently has really transformed the way staff work in hospital and out in the community for the better. It has also led to important improvements in patient safety and experience.

Aaron Cummins

Chief Executive, UHMBT

The can do attitude here is very evident, along with the positive clinical engagement, great leadership and the clear vision from UHMBT about where it’s going with EPR.

Lisa Needham

Technology Innovation Director for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

It was so fantastic to have the opportunity to see how technology is revolutionising healthcare across Morecambe Bay in the hospitals and the community. I was so gobsmacked with what I saw at UHMBT – I would encourage others to go and see what has been achieved.

Roy Lilley

broadcaster and commentator on the NHS

The new eMeals system is saving time for catering supervisors’ as they no longer have to count meal numbers. The new system does this automatically for them.  So they have more time to better provide the services that focus on patient improvements.

Jackie O’ Brien

Catering Manager, UHMBT

Electronic prescribing and medications administration will help clinicians to more easily do the ‘right thing’ supporting them with a range of alerts that automatically flag up potential risks to patients. At the same time this rich source of data will increasingly allow the Trust to better understand how it is using drugs and to more accurately measure the benefits. In addition having this information within a patient’s electronic record improves our ability to join up records, prescribe more consistently and to manage the transition of care across Morecambe Bay.

John Glover

Chief Information Officer, Bay Heath and Care Partners

It’s encouraging for me to see how clearly nursing is leading its own way here in terms of digital maturity and how it’s become embedded into the nursing culture. The really strong, powerful nursing leadership here means Morecambe Bay are really setting the pace. It’s really encouraging from a professional point of view to be somewhere where that’s happening.

Anne Cooper

The Chief Nurse from NHS Digital

This progress is wonderful to see and will directly improve patient care which is what we are all about. Having a digitally mature hospital is an essential component of our bay wide approach where we meld electronic record sharing, navigation and patient facing apps into a single integrated solution of which we are justifiably proud. Real patients are benefiting on a daily basis-so digital health does matter in Morecambe Bay.

Dr William Lumb

GP in Sedbergh and Chief Clinical Information Officer for Bay Health and Care Partners

As always it was inspiring to get a glimpse of the great work that is going on locally. I was very impressed by the work UHMBT has done with Lorenzo, and very much enjoyed my visit. It’s also good to get a sense of the wider work going on within Bay Health and Care Partners. You all have much to be proud of.

Will Smart

National Chief Information Officer for Health and Care in England

The eMeals system is fantastic. I have no complaints. The meals are delicious.

Graham Winnkitchen

Patient of Lancaster